The Association of "Children of the Holocaust" in Poland

Meetings in 2008-2009

11 September, 2008

Invited Ryszard Marek GroƄski, satirist and writer could not come therefore the holiday recollections were the main topic of the meeting.

9 October, 2008

Jadwiga Linde-Usiekniewicz, grand daughter of Jakub Poznanski told about Jewish identity in her family.

13 November, 2008

Meeting with Golda Tencer, actress and president of the "Shalom" foundation.

11 December, 2008

Meeting with Henryk Paprocki, priest in the Orthodox church, about the relation of the Orthodox church towards Jews persecution during the War.

8 January, 2009

Meeting with professor Joanna Tokarska-Bakir, ethnologist, author of the book "Legends about the blood" about the survey on the attitudes towards Jews in Polish province.

12 February, 2009

Meeting with Teresa ToraƄska, journalist about her new book "Children of the Holocaust and neighbors beyond the fear".

12 March, 2009

Meeting with Mariola MaƂecka who defended recently her doctoral dissertation "Hospital for Orthodox Jews in Czyste-Warsaw".

9 April, 2009

Meeting with the Righteous on the occasion of Pesach and Easter.

14 May, 2009

Meeting with professor Adam Rotfeld, former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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