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International Child Survivors Conference - Warsaw August 19-22, 2011

Remember the past, be happy today
Warsaw, Poland
International Child Survivors Conference, August 19-22, 2011

Dear Friend,

It is with a great sense of personal mission and responsibility that we approach you about supporting the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust International Conference, to be held in Warsaw, Poland, in August 2011.

Many of us share a common history with thousands of hidden children and child Holocaust survivors. Each of us has a story and carries unique baggage. In the early 1990's, Jewish child survivors recognized the need to create an emotional support system and network for people like us - The World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust. Were it not for this organization, we would feel isolated and somehow incomplete.

Our conferences provide sacred space where child survivors can share, heal and grow. The sad part is that the people who most need to attend are the least able to pay their way. The registration fees present a hardship, and the cost of travel makes it nearly impossible for those who would otherwise attend.

We are looking for ways to maximize participation in this truly historic Poland International Conference. It is a great opportunity for Holocaust Survivors and their families to come to Poland and say „We are here.” To make this opportunity a reality, we ask for your generous support.

We cannot underestimate the international impact this gathering of Holocaust Survivors, maybe for the first and last time, in Poland, will have in the world. This will be a political and religious event seldom seen in our history. Poland, for many of us is our ancestral home. We must show the world that Hitler did not win, by returning to Poland. In addition, we have many brothers and sisters, and families, who are still there and this conference will also show our support for them.

Anna Drabik, Aleksandra Leliwa-Kopystynska
Co-Chairs, Poland 2011 Organizing Committee

Conference program

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If you wish TO SUPPORT our Association please send donations to Stowarzyszenie "Dzieci Holocaustu" w Polsce
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