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Looking for relations

       The Association tries to help members in finding relatives. We all look; those who have already learned something about themselves, those who have already found someone from their family, also those who do not lose hope that a miracle will happen and that they will find some of their long-lost near ones.

       The roads travelled to discover family members are indescribably complex and meandering. Through hearsay and gossip, by electronic media, the press, radio and television. In April 1997 Polish and Israeli TV successfully created a "television bridge", a programme broadcast live in which persons looking for their families in both countries took part.

       Miracles do happen.

       In her book Ruta Wermuth writes:

       "My brother looked for me but could never find me, just as I could not find him. We had both changed our names, while his anticommunist writings closed him the door to erstwhile Poland.
And so we lived - I here, he there, knowing nothing of each other.
The phone rang in my home on the 20 June 1994 - "It's a call from abroad", said the operator.
Distant buzzing and crackling did not prevent me hearing:
- Is that Mrs Ruta B?
- It is - I replied.
- Can you guess who's speaking? I'm phoning from England.
- Salek!!! I shrieked. And that single word contained everything. Hope and disbelief, joy and tears, long years of separation. Five days later we were hugging breathlessly at London's Heathrow airport

       Also in 1994 the Gazeta Wyborcza daily carried an announcement from our Association's Board saying: "We have received a letter from a mother who is looking for her son. He was born in Sędziszów near Jędrzejów in 1944. A woman met by chance took the baby when the mother had to run off immediately, to save her life. She placed the child near the cathedral in Kielce and waited in hiding to make sure it was found and taken away. A card was fastened to the child's clothes: "He is called Józef Sobota. He is three months old and has not been christened".

       Another miracle in the making, perhaps? Who knows?

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