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Our meetings

Thursday Meetings

Monthly meetings have been held in Warsaw and in all branches every second Thursday from September through May since the moment Association came into being.

They are addressed to members living in Warsaw and the nearest region. Important aspect of those meeting is maintaining closer mutual relations through participation in joint events. There is always a leading topic of the meeting - we try to invite interesting speakers: journalists, politicians, writers, organize artistic and music entertainment or project movies.

Around 80 participants take part in every Thursday meeting. Meetings are open for people from outside, too but there are practically Association's members who appear on them.

- Meetings in 2004-2005
- Meetings in 2005-2006
- Meetings in 2006-2007
- Meetings in 2007-2008
- Meetings in 2008-2009

International Meetings and Conferences

- WFJCSH&D Conference, August 24-27, 2014 - Resolution

From 11 through 13 September 2009 The European Conference of Associations of Child Survivors of the Holocaust was held in Miedzeszyn near Warsaw.

The participants of this event were representatives of the associations of child survivors from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, England and Holland.

Annual Meetings of the Association Members

Apart from the monthly meetings a conference is held every year in June. The last one - 22nd - was held in Dębe in 2013. This is a good occasion that our increasingly depleted family of survivors can meet together and enjoy the presence of friends and acquaintances from all over the Poland and from abroad.

The program of each conference includes, among others events, also psychotherapy workshops and interesting lectures.

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