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Meetings in 2004-2005

9 September, 2004

Meeting with Fay and Julian Bussgang - translators of two volumes of memories „The last Eyewitnesses-Children of the Holocaust Speak", with Anna Mieszkowska, the author of the book about Irena Sendler "Mother of the Children of the Holocaust" and with the author of the preface to this book - Michał Głowinski.

14 October, 2004

Meeting with Anna Bikont, author of the book "We, from Jedwabne".

11 November, 2004

Information meeting - current Association's affairs. In the second part of the meeting Bieta Ficowska's novel read over.

9 December, 2004

Hanukah celebrated with teachers and students - participants of the first edition of educational program "Remembrance for the Future" and young hassids from Chabad Lubavitch in Poland.

13 January, 2005

Planned meeting with Teresa Toranska, journalist who could not come. Current issues, collecting money for Tsunami victims.

10 February, 2005

Meeting with Teresa Toranska, journalist. Discussion on the basis of her book "They".

10 March, 2005

Current issues - especially parcels with traditional products and delicacies traditionally distributed among the Righteous Among the Nations being under the care of the Association.

14 April, 2005

Meeting with Henryk Schönker from Israel, the author of "Touch of the Angel" edited by the KARTA Center.

12 May, 2005

Meeting with professor Ireneusz Krzeminski, sociologist who presented the results of the sociological survey of 1992 and 2002 on anti-Semitism.

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