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Meetings in 2006-2007

14 September, 2006

A play in the Jewish Theatre on the basis of Władysław Szlengel's "What I read to the deceased" worked up and performed by students - participants of the program "Remembrance for the Future" from XVII High School in Warsaw.

October, 2006

Meeting with Wiktoria Śliwowska, author of the book „Mister Puchatek", about her father.

January, 2007

Meeting with Zbigniew Niziński who traces Jewish lots from the nearest past.

March, 2007

Meeting with Leokadia Berman and Jan Jagielski from Jewish Historical Institute about old Jewish communities.

  • meeting with Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland about the attitudes of American Jews towards Polish Jews;
  • meeting with Maciej Kozłowski, former Polish ambassador to Israel;
  • meeting with Maria Lewińska, writer;
  • meeting with Bela Szwarcman-Czarnota, "Midrash" monthly editor-in-chief;

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