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We... and about us

       In this "chapter" the Internet user will find the original texts written by members of the Association of "Children of the Holocaust" in Poland as well as publications and notices about us. The Society published two volumes of recollections "The Last Eyewitnesses", and a book "Black Year... Black Years".

Renata Zajdman
Chuwcia W.
Elżbieta Ficowska
Krystyna Budnicka
Hanka Grynberg
Leszek Leon Allerhand
Maliwna Wollek
Marian Bobrzyk
Henryk Hajwentreger
Jakub Gutenbaum
Karolina Heumann
Maria Leszczyńska-Ejzen

English version is based on the Vol. I "The Last Eyewitnesses". Edited by Wiktoria Sliwowska, translated from the Polish by Julian and Fay Bussgang. Northwestern Univeristy Press, Evanston 1998.

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