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Educational program for 2010/2011

Educational program for 2010/2011

We are "Children of the Holocaust". Each of us has own dramatic story from the childhood, the story how we survived the war. Very often this story was published or many times told to various schoolchildren. It seems that remembrance of the Holocaust in Poland is well established. Now we would like to tell our stories from the times after the war. Haw behaved our parents, if they survived, or how behaved the persons, which took care of us during the war. What kind of information or what kind of models of behavior we obtained from our parents or from our foster parents, when we were 8 -10 years old.

Why some of us emigrated just after the war, other later, and some remained in the country where we were born. What kind of identity we had just after the war and who we are now?

In our opinion this is a very good subject for educational program via organization of workshops with participation of teachers and then also with schoolchildren. In workshops should participate "Children of the Holocaust", historians in a role of professional lecturers and school teachers. Very fruitful are also meetings of "Children of the Holocaust" with schoolchildren organized in various schools in Poland.

Finally we plan organization of a kind of conference with participation of teachers and students, which may prepare short presentations on the subject. The two days conference will take place in Warsaw, so for the evening we will organize tickets to some theaters or/and other social events.

The above described program will be realized in collaboration with:

  1. Centre for Educational Development,
  2. Jewish Historical Institute,
  3. Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Aleksandra Leliwa-Kopystynska

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