The Association of "Children of the Holocaust" in Poland

Our Friends

A group of people lives among us - unfortunately increasingly depleting - thanks to whom we are alive. Righteous among the nations -magnificent though often quiet and modest, who frequently stress "I did nothing unusual, I really deserve nothing". We are unable to give them what they deserve, so we give what we can. Above all our grateful memory that we are alive. And as some kind of an enclosure to that memory we bring holiday packages, together with our very best wishes. No drop, only a tiny droplet in the sea of our gratitude. We are proud to remark that among our Association's concrete achievements is the successful conclusion of years-long efforts to have these "Righteous" awarded war veterans' status.

They risked their lives to save us. It is our moral duty to express interest in how they feel today in their old age, plagued by illness and often - loneliness.

Our efforts were not sufficiently coordinated at the beginning. Association members in the four local branches visited them during holidays, presented gift packages and had many friendly things to say.

In 2005 we nominated an Assistance Committee for the Righteous Among the Nations. Presently its members are: Marian Kalwary and Marian Tyrowicz. Anna Drabik is the principal coordinator.

We carried out a survey among the "Righteous" to establish their living conditions, financial situation, and needs for social work. From those interviews we got the following picture of the living conditions and needs of people currently living in and near Warsaw:

Thanks to the good will of many people in Poland and around the world we collect money for our assistance program. 20% of the subscription of each member of the Association also supplies the Righteous fund.

We thank all donors sincerely for their contributions.

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