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We are Polish Child Survivors of the Holocaust. Most of us lived in the ghettos and were even born there. Others survived in hiding. We were upset and offended by many public statements and especially appalled by the saying that: "the Jews confined in ghettos were in the beginning, much better off, than the non Jewish Poles, outside of its walls”. In reality they were many lonely children without any chance to survive as they're died on the ghetto's streets from hunger and diseases. ...

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If you wish TO SUPPORT our Association please send donations to Stowarzyszenie "Dzieci Holocaustu" w Polsce
Bank PEKAO SA, ul. Grjecka 1/3, Warszawa S.A., ul. Grjecka 1/3, Warszawa
IBAN 08 1240 1053 1111 0000 0441 1204

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